These black and white photographic portraits are from an on-going project inspired by the poems of Federico García Lorca, the twentieth century Spanish poet and dramatist whose work I studied at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain.

García Lorca creates a somber world where characters struggle with self, and with the demons of personal identity. His words project a part primitive, part private world of myth - a world moved by dark and perhaps not precisely identifiable forces.

Reflecting upon this, I create images that are about the idea of a person, of his or her changing identities and mysteries. I look for a sense of what the person might be trying to hide, to find out something about his or her own private space.

I want both the photographer and the subject to let go of the idea of "self" - to go to a place beneath the surface where one finds a deeper, more personal consciousness.

I am intrigued with images that don't easily yield answers.
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